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Armor Express AEX25


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• Provides protection against handgun bullets, including 9mm and .44 Magnum
• Shape and cuts used and accepted by the U.S. Government and other military and police organizations worldwide
• Manufactured in the U.S.A

IMPORTANT NOTE: Urban Tactical maintains a policy to only sell armor and armor accessories to verified law enforcement and military personnel. This measure is in effect to ensure that such components are only transferred to persons in the appropriate field. 

ACH/MICH shaped NIJ level IIIA ballistic helmet. Available in an assortment of popular cuts, colors, and dips. Optional accessories include rails, shrouds, and padding options.

The Armor Express ballistic helmet selection has been tailored to match the needs of both law enforcement and military personnel. From the traditional PASGT cut to the popular ACH/MICH high-cut gunfighter style helmet – we’ve got what your team needs for both protection and functionality in the field. Complete customization includes popular choices in dips/colors, retention systems (including Team Wendy™ BOA Cam Fit Harness), padding systems (including Team Wendy™ Epic Light Pad System), rails, NVG shrouds (1-hole or 3-hole), velcro kits, and carry bags.

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